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Hello world!

Hi, I'm John Smith. Or rather, I'm not John Smith. In the real world, I have a quite interesting job, and my true identity is a badly kept secret. When I'm not working or hanging out with interesting people, I'm into vintage computers.

Why? Old computers are like old sci-fi movies. What were they thinking? Flying cars? Tape drives? Hello?! But, as has been pointed out before, those who don't understand history are doomed to repeat it. So never underestimate the bandwidth of a stationwagon full of tapes.


In the 1800s people drank, ate, smoked, argued, copulated, and generally did many of the things what we still enjoy today. In the 1970s people connected to network services through primitive text-based machines (called terminals). They called it the client-server model. Today people connect to network services through primitive text-based machines (called phones). They still call it the client-server model. Unlike terminals, phones can be carried in pockets by semi-illiterate teens. That's progress!

Contact: johnsmith@metawire.org
Blood type: O+
European timezone, or thereabouts

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