Meir, 27, lifeguard, surfer, and yeshiva student is a pretty radical guy. He spent a year in Hawai. "The Israeli government shows too much mercy to the Arabs. We consider too much the opinion of other nations. We're so merciful to others, we're cruel to ourselves. If you're merciful to cruel people, you're cruel to merciful people." His friend Lior, 22, has spent most of his life in the Gaza settlements, and is getting ready to leave. With his government compensation money, he's planning the mother of surfing safaris. South America, why not? Oriah, 18, is in denial about the dissengagement. It won't happen.

Elazar, 19, has been squatting the abandoned hotel by the beach for 3 years. It's a cool place if you don't want your folks hassling you and your girlfriend, and the fishing's good. Maybe this has something to do with the local Arab village of Mouassi being forbidden to fish since 2001. Nevo is 13. The older surfers look out for him when he's in big waves, but he's pretty competent. If this dissengagement goes ahead, where will you go? "It has to be a religious place. Not a city. And it must have a beach."

Gush Katif, May-July 2005

the last wave