I look at the land, this sinner's land, this happy land, and the broken hearts look back at me. It's too complicated to pin down who is the devil and who is the saint. The resort is growing. It's not what they thought they would be growing up, but for them it was a revelation - some fun, some guilt, some compromises. A ride to a Disneyland of love, sex, sin, and money. Thinking optional. Friday is when a saint and a sin come together.

She loved, and then hated Egypt and the Egyptians when she contracted Hepatitis A, and now she loves them again after meeting A. And there are more marriages. Too many people are involved to manage sex/love/tourism in a small resort - lawyers with marriage documents, a sheikh, police who are friends and enemies to the lovers, all at the same time. You are just happy for the ones who are happy.

Egypt, Summer 2009