Hosting Services

Data-driven websites have infrastructure requirements. By hosting your site with us you get an uptime guarantee (terms and conditions apply), use of several useful facilities such as a web-based update function and detailed logs, and you can be sure the site we develop will run on time, as planned, where it's meant to be. All data is kept outside of US jurisdiction.

Reliable secure platforms keep your site available 24/7. Our servers are located in a purpose-built temperature controlled environment with 24 hour security. Every machine is constantly monitored. All our servers have multiple power supplies, RAID disks (a spare disk ready to take over in case of hardware failure), and are backed up nightly. Diesel generators are available in case of a power outage. In normal operation our hosting is carbon-neutral.

We can handle email for your domain on our dedicated email servers. All incoming and outgoing mail is checked for viruses and spam. A webmail facility is provided. We can also manage emailshots. We worry about hackers and spam so you don't have to.

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