the call centre
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Where's the animals. Boring.

Excellent pictures, wher was it you took them. Kirsty Bristow age 11

Proper art nah!

Total crap - no artistic or technical merit whatsoever!

What a load of RUBBISH! Wait for Southend Photographic Society Annual Exhibition for some real photographic excellence!

Don't stop. NEVER!

Very staged too stiff.

Black and gloomy. Cheer up!

Share your love but not the needle

Very amusing and insightful

Interesting choice of subject matter, excellent in monochrome. J Ansell old person

Too black and white needs more colour and wrong exposure suggest f5.6 at 1/60 bounce flash. Litchfield

Waste of space

Very honest

These pictures can be taken anywhere, achieve nothing, and show what lunatic youth is

Not enough porn!


Superb. i would pay money for these. Mac.

Very "The Office". Could have been taken by anyone I spose. But no one else did take them - you had the idea.

Bizarre and offensive

I like them all. There great. Zoe Anne Brown age 8

An interesting look at office life! Melanie (office escapee)

Must be more worthwhile subject!

Different from a lot of work I've seen though does (some of it) give an insight to call center experience. And a lot of good work in general. CSP

Takes me back to when I worked in an office though ever so slightly more conservative!

Very clever. Darius.

Made me want to photograph something

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